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Bikeloop intelligent and 100% secure bike parking solutions

Bikeloop has developed different secure parking solutions for different segments and markets. All our products is integrated towards the Bikeloop Admin Suite, that offers access control combined with a set of smart services.

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Bikeloop HUIB is design for urban and densified areas, where space efficient solutions are important. With up to 30 bikes on a 7,8 sqm footprint - Bikeloop HUB is the most area efficient solution on the market.

The solution is flexible so the customers can configure it, everything from height, design and functionality.

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Bikeloop FLEX is designed as a modular system where different modules can be combined for different bikes, rooms and functions.


FLEX is design for both indoor and outdoor use and can be delivered with different colors and fixtures.


FLEX is built as an off-grid solution with 5G IOT, built in battery combined with solar panels. On-grid the battery will turn into a power back-up source.

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Bikeloop Admin Suite 

All Bikeloop Secure Bike Parking products is bundled with the Bikeloop Admin Suite.

This platform enables the customers full view and control over the different intelligent parking solutions such as Bikeloop HUB and Bikeloop FLEX.

Through the plattform you can see statistics of use, control and adjust availabilty, set parking fees, remotly manage and support the parking system and open new type of services such as bike rental, bike sharing and more.

The Bikeloop Admin Suite also enables integrations towards other 3th parties systems and service providers, through the Bikeloop API Engine

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