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Bikeloop proudly introduce Bikeloop Flex - a system for 100% secure bike parking, that can be fitted different environments such as public spaces, in garages, in residential areas and for commercial areas and more. The Bikeloop Flex system is modular and can store all types of bikes and it comes as an off-grid solution with cloud-based access system, controlled with the Bikeloop APP

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Fits all environments - both out or indoor.

Bikeloop FLEX fits well into all types of environments, both outdoors in the city, at junctions, parks, shopping centers or indoors, for example in garages, in bicycle hotels or stalls.

A standard module that can store up to 4 bicycles, takes up no more space than 5 square meters, equivalent to 50% of a car parking space.

Using different materials and colors, FLEX can easily blend into the environment or be designed as highly visible beacons.

A modular and flexible system

Through the modules, different combinations of bicycle parking spaces can be put together, either in the form of private compartment or shared rooms for several bicycles.

Each compartment can be adapted to store different types of bikes so that you can offer storage of all types of bikes such as electric bikes, cargo bikes, long tails or other types.


Safe and convenient

Bikeloop FLEX comes with LED lights that create a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

In each compartment, there is also plenty of space to store your belongings such as a bicycle helmet or bag.

The door slides open, so you dont need to use a arm to hold it

Everything is well protected and sheltered from weather and wind and of course 100% protected against theft.

Intelligent and smart 

Through the app-based access system, many new possibilities opens up. Each individual space can be configured for availability, different rates (per hour or subscription) and payment options.

Bikeloop FLEX can be combined with other types of services such as bike rental, bike sharing, home delivery of goods, combined with restaurant bookings or cinema tickets. Through the smart API, new services can be connected which help to enrich the offer for the cyclist

The entire system can be configured, remotely controlled and monitored through the Bikeloop Admin Suite – a cloud-based service.

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Easy to install and maintain.

Bikeloop FLEX can be assembled in one day. No building permit or foundation is required.

The entire solution is delivered as an off-grid solution that can be operated on batteries in combination with solar panels (add on)

Using sustainable materials such as aluminum and wood, the solution will last well, will withstand weather, wear and tear and require minimal maintenance.

Would you like to get more into the details?

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