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User data / Account deletion

In order to provide the Bikeloop service we need to store some data regarding our users and their activities.


The data that we require from users are:

  • Phone number


Furthermore, our users can optionally enter the following:

  • Name

  • Email address

Normal use of the application would generate records of parking/rental sessions containing:

  • User identification

  • Start and stop time

  • Location

  • Price

Payment method details such as card numbers are stored in Stripe in order to process payments, the phone number is also stored in Auth0 in order to process logins.

If a user wants to delete their account, they can do so from within the Bikeloop app "Settings menu" -> "My user" -> "Delete account".

When the user requests their account to be deleted in this manner, all stored data as specified as above is deleted. The only records that are kept in our system is the data regarding historical parking sessions that wee need to keep for financial record keeping. This data is anonymized in the deletion process by assigning it to a newly created user account that contains no user information whatsoever.

If you have further questions regarding your data or the deletion process, don't hesitate to contact us on the email below!

Happy biking!

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