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Meet Bikeloop HUB
An intelligent bike parking solution perfect for urban areas

Bikeloop offers a marked leading, intelligent bike parking solution, that due to new regulations, helps property owners save valuable space and increase their yield through new smart services.


Use Cases

Bikeloop can be placed everywhere both above and below ground, at different heights, with different types of exterior, integrated as part of a new building, placed at workplaces, junctions, universities, museums, arenas, shopping centers or at parks and recreational areas. In summary, Bikeloop is suitable solution for all areas where people want to arrive by bicycle or where you would like them to arrive by bicycle.

Want to become
a Looper?

Are you a cyclist and looking for a safe bicycle parking? We invite you to become part of "The Bikeloop Family". 

Want to invest?

Please contact us for a demonstration of the Bikeloop at Kadettangen, Sandvika and a presentation of the company.

Drammens Tidende 2 april 2023.png

"Vi ønsker også ha noen sykkelparkeringstårn, der syklene blir stablet i høyden. Disse er veldig kule og fungerer bra andre steder, forklarer Ringdal."

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