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Welcome to Bikeloop! 
App controlled, Smart, Flexible and Safe Bike Parking solutions for Urban enviroments

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Bikeloop provides app-controlled and secure bicycle parking solutions tailored to different areas, environments and users (universal design). All our products are developed in sustainable materials and in line with the circular economy.

Bikeloop House.jpg

Bikeloop HOUSE

  • Multi-functional urban furniture.

  • Stores up to 4 bikes

  • Universal designed

  • Off grid option

  • Secure with sustainable materials 



APP controlled - bundled with smart services


Secure, practical storage - with charging


Flexible interior and multi functional options


Highly customisable with aesthetic design


Sustainable and universally designed

All Bikeloop products comes with our uniqe and intelligent secure bike parking plattform

Our Target Groups




Want to
buy it?

Bikeloop sells its products through its established dealers. Contact us so we can redirect you to the correct reseller


Want to
try it?

Download the Bikeloop APP from Google Play or the APP Store, where you will find an overview of all locations. We are expanding the network continuously together with our dealers and their customers.

Bikeloop Android APP
Bikeloop App


Want to
sell it?

Bikeloop is looking for new dealers who want to sell the future's smart, app-controlled, and secure bicycle parking solutions. 


Want to build it?

Bikeloop aims to partner with local manufacturers in the various markets we are entering to reduce the travel distance and delivery time of the products.

Bikeloop in the news

Drammens Tidende 2 april 2023

"We also want to have some bicycle parking towers, where the bikes are stacked vertically. These are very cool and work well elsewhere, explains Ringdal."

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