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Bikeloop intelligent and 100% secure bike parking solutions

Bikeloop has developed different secure bikeparking solutions for different segments and markets. All our products is integrated towards the Bikeloop end user APP and Bikeloop Admin Panel, that offers access control combined with a set of smart services.

Bikeloop HOUSE

Bikeloop HOUSE offers a secure, aesthetic, and sustainable bike parking solution, integrating seamlessly with urban and natural landscapes. Its state-of-the-art app control ensures accessibility and ease of use, embodying universal design principles. Optionally powered by renewable, off-grid energy sources, it emphasizes environmental responsibility without sacrificing functionality. Through a user-friendly app, cyclists can reserve, lock, and monitor their bikes with unparalleled convenience. Bikeloop HOUSE represents the future of eco-friendly urban mobility, combining security, design, and sustainability.

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Bikeloop FRAME

Bikeloop FRAME is a secure and app-controlled bike parking solution, offering high flexibility. It comes in various heights, with options for different materials and forms on the FRAME, colors, interiors, and much more - With FRAME, you can build exactly the solution you desire, without compromising on security, environment, aesthetics, or user-friendliness. FRAME comes in modules allowing for expansion as the need for bike parking grows, while also accommodating different types of bikes by changing the interior. A smart, flexible, environmentally friendly, universal solution that is easy to deploy in any environment.

Bikeloop FLEX

Bikeloop FLEX is the solution for smart utilization of indoor areas such as garages, storerooms, or other spaces where one wishes to establish secure areas, whether it's for app-controlled bike parking/spaces, smart storerooms, or warehouses. FLEX is made from sustainable aluminum that can be assembled and installed without the need for specialists. As the name suggests, FLEX is module-based and can easily be expanded with individual or shared access-controlled spaces. It can be extended in length or height and the solution can be adapted to even the most challenging spaces.

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Bikeloop HUB

Bikeloop HUB is the future solution for space-efficient and 100% secure bike parking. HUB can store up to 32 bikes in just 7.8 sqm - making it very placement friendly. HUB is a bike parking automat that stores bikes vertically in individual booths. The solution has two entrances for the most efficient bike retrieval and return. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds to retrieve one's bike. Unlike other high-tech solutions developed, HUB is built on simple principles and uses mechanical parts (chains and gears), which ensures high operational reliability and simpler maintenance. But don't be mistaken, although it's simple - it's also very smart and, most importantly, very secure.


Let us introduce our newest product - Bikeloop SMART LOCK. With this, you can make all existing doors smart and app-controlled, whether it's entry doors, storage room doors, garage doors, etc. With SMART LOCK, you can manage access to every single door and allow users to open and close via the Bikeloop APP. SMART LOCK comes ready with a selection of electronic locks, which are easily installed without the need to hire an expensive technician. SMART LOCK includes the Bikeloop Admin Panel and Bikeloop APP, making access control and management straightforward. If you wish to charge for storage or access to spaces, that's also possible.

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