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We have ambitious plans

Our goal is to deliver 1 000 Bikeloop bikeparking spots by 2027 across Europe, and become a dominant player in the shift towards a greener personal transportation on the road to net zero emissions.


Bikeloop has developed a turnkey solution with a global market potential consisting of well-known, and proven technology, combined with an in-house developed software platform. 

Bikeloop offers  smart, safe app- controlled bicycle parking solutions perfect for urban environments

Why Bikeloop is a good idea?


New regulations require property owners to build a minimum of bicycle parking spaces in new buildings and major renovations projects. Bikeloop can help save 80% of valuable space compared to traditional solutions


Governments invest billions in bicycle infrastructure, and impose restrictive measures on cars, to reduce emissions from personal transportation


Cycling is a megatrend with 20+ million bikes sold (25% e-bikes) each year in the EU. Forecasts indicate that there will be sold more bicycles than cars in 2025. The Cycle becomes the new car in Urban areas.


Bike theft is exploding, with more expensive bikes being sold. EU estimate that 4m+ bicycles are stolen in Europe every year, that means 1 every 7 minutes. Only 4-5% of bikes stolen get returned


Space is a scarce resource. Where can we park all the new bikes? Secure and effective solutions are needed. 

The Bikeloop

Why invest in Bikeloop?

Would you like get presentation of Bikeloop? 

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