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Bikeloop HOUSE

Bikeloop HOUSE offers a secure, aesthetic, and sustainable bike parking solution, integrating seamlessly with urban and natural landscapes. Its state-of-the-art app control ensures accessibility and ease of use, embodying universal design principles. Optionally powered by renewable, off-grid energy sources, it emphasizes environmental responsibility without sacrificing functionality. Through a user-friendly app, cyclists can reserve, lock, and monitor their bikes with unparalleled convenience. Bikeloop HOUSE represents the future of eco-friendly urban mobility, combining security, design, and sustainability.


Explore Bikeloop HOUSE

Main Features


Eco-Friendly, esthetic and universal designed


Multi-functional furniture


App Controlled with built-in smart services


Flexible interior, colours and placement


Safe and practical, with light and storage space

The Benefits



With House, through the APP, it is possible to charge for secure bicycle storage, which will cover the ongoing operating costs and potentially generate a profit. In suitable locations, it can also open up for advertising revenue. With its long lifespan, an investment in House can finance itself.



Investing in secure bike parking will not only yield environmental benefits but also bring all the health benefits of cycling. Bikeloop HOUSE is designed in line with the circular economy, and all parts of the product can be recycled or reused.


Satisfied Users

If one has purchased an expensive bike, they do not want to leave it just anywhere. With the ability to reserve a secure space, leave belongings (helmet, bag), and charge the battery, it contributes to making it easier to choose the bike and results in satisfied users.


Easy to Operate 

HOUSE can be deployed without a foundation or building application and be operated by solar panels and battery. Bikeloop handles all end user support, and the solution is monitored and managed through the cloud. 

Let's dive into the details

OFFgrid solution

Offgrid solution

Bikeloop HOUSE has an optional "off-grid" solution with roof-mounted solar panels, perfect for locations without access to electricity. The solar panels power the doors and app controls, and batteries ensure continuous power. The system provides low voltage alerts, and the batteries can be easily replaced.

HOUSE offgid

Bench and flowers

Bikeloop HOUSE can be equipped with a bench and planter box, enhancing the area's utility and aesthetics. The planter box also serves as a drainage channel. Both are fitted with LED lighting for increased safety and ambiance.



Each booth in HOUSE can be equipped with a fireproof charging point for electric bikes. The batteries are charged in a closed box, and prices may vary for spaces with or without charging options. Charging requires a fixed power connection.

Bike Station

Bike Service Station

If one wishes to combine Bikeloop House with a service station, it is possible. Through its dealers, Bikeloop offers several solutions for this. The service station can be placed adjacent to a wall.

Smart Lock

Other options

Through Bikeloop House's smart control system, it is possible to connect multiple functions and services, such as air quality measurement, automatic door opening, bike counting, two-way communication, camera surveillance, alarm, motion sensor, etc. The possibilities are numerous.




Want to
buy it?

Bikeloop sells its products through its established dealers. Contact us so we can redirect you to the correct reseller


Want to
try it?

Download the Bikeloop APP from Google Play or the APP Store, where you will find an overview of all locations. We are expanding the network continuously together with our dealers and their customers.

Download Bikeloop APP for Android
Download Bikeloop APP for Iphone


Want to
sell it?

Bikeloop is looking for new dealers who want to sell the future's smart, app-controlled, and secure bicycle parking solutions. 


Want to build it?

Bikeloop aims to partner with local manufacturers in the various markets we are entering to reduce the travel distance and delivery time of the products.

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Bikeloop HOUSE

  • Multi-functional urban furniture.

  • Stores up to 4 bikes

  • Universal designed

  • Off grid option

  • Secure with sustainable materials 

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