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Let us introduce our newest product - Bikeloop SMART LOCK. With this, you can make all existing doors smart and app-controlled, whether it's entry doors, storage room doors, garage doors, etc. With SMART LOCK, you can manage access to every single door and allow users to open and close via the Bikeloop APP. SMART LOCK comes ready with a selection of electronic locks, which are easily installed without the need to hire an expensive technician. SMART LOCK includes the Bikeloop Admin Panel and Bikeloop APP, making access control and management straightforward. If you wish to charge for storage or access to spaces, that's also possible.

Bikeloop Smart Lock

Explore Bikeloop SMART LOCK

Main Features


Makes all types of doors smart 


App Controlled with buildt-in smart services


Remote Access Management


Highly Flexible and easy installation


Control up to 12 doors with one controller


The Benefits


Cost-Effective and Profitable

With Bikeloop Smart Lock, you can easily convert an ordinary room with a standard door into a smart room. While there may be an initial investment, the long-term savings on key replacement, lock changes, and administrative overhead can be substantial. With the access control system and the associated app, you have complete control over who goes in and out, and you can charge individual users based on their use of the room, turning it into a source of income.


Enhanced Security

The elimination of physical keys or access cards reduces the logistical burden of key distribution, collection, and replacement, cutting down on administrative costs and complexity. Receive instant notifications for access events, including unauthorized access attempts. This feature allows for immediate response to security incidents.


Userfriendly and smart

Users can unlock doors or lockers directly from their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards. This is especially convenient for users who are prone to losing keys or forgetting access codes.

Administrators can easily assign or revoke access rights to individuals, allowing for customized access that can vary by user, time of day, and day of the week. This flexibility is ideal for managing access to shared or sensitive spaces.


Easy to innstall and maintain

The Smart Locker system is straightforward to install, eliminating the need for costly professional services. Bikeloop ensures end-user support, and the solution demands minimal maintenance, offering a hassle-free and cost-effective approach to secure storage.

Let's dive into the details

Bikeloop Smart Lock

A selection of various lock types

Bikeloop Smart Lock offers a range of different lock types for various door applications. The locks can be customized to comply with fire and safety regulations, ensuring secure and compliant access solutions.




Want to
buy it?

Bikeloop sells its products through its established dealers. Contact us so we can redirect you to the correct reseller


Want to
try it?

Download the Bikeloop APP from Google Play or the APP Store, where you will find an overview of all locations. We are expanding the network continuously together with our dealers and their customers.

Download Bikeloop APP for Android
Download Bikeloop APP for Iphone


Want to
sell it?

Bikeloop is looking for new dealers who want to sell the future's smart, app-controlled, and secure bicycle parking solutions. 


Want to build it?

Bikeloop aims to partner with local manufacturers in the various markets we are entering to reduce the travel distance and delivery time of the products.

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