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About Us

Bikeloop AS is a Norwegian company with offices in Lysaker right outside Oslo.  

Our Mission is to install 1000 Bikeloop bikeparking spots in the EU marked within 2027 and solve the problem with missing safe parking options for cyclists, by presenting an intelligent bicycle parking solution perfect for urban areas.

Lady on bike

It all started with an orange container by the boardwalk

Bikeloop was established in 2021. The idea came from the harbor promenade in Oslo, where the municipality had set up 14 orange containers to mark the way on the one-mile long walking stretch along the seafront.  The Inventor Ketil Mørk Tveten came up with the idea of making these empty and non-functional  containers, even smarter by turning them into bicycle parking machines. One of the founders of Bikeloop, Hedda Heyerdahl, immediately took hold of the idea and two years later the first Bikeloop was ready.


We have not yet managed to convince the Municipality of Oslo to replace one of the empty 16 towers with a Bikeloop! But luckely for us the Municipality of Bærum and their Smart City program, was forward thinking and helped us get the first Bikeloop setup on Kadettangen in Sandvika.


Hopefully we will see Bikeloops on the harbor promenade in Oslo in the future - so the circle can be closed, in the meantime we are planning to install thousands of Bikeloops all over Europe.

Orange Container from harbor

Meet the Bikeloop Team

And our very competent board of directors

And two years later it resulted in a first Bikeloop at Kadettangen

Stay tuned for the next chapter or join us on the journey

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